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Información Útil Para Contribuyentes /
Information for Contributors

................................................................................................................. Hispanic Journal is published twice annually. It is sponsored by the Department of Foreign Languages at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to publish research and criticism of the highest quality in the areas of Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Portuguese literature, culture and film, and Spanish and Portuguese linguistics. We also publish interviews and book reviews concerning subjects that fall among the disciplines covered by the journal. Please see the list of books suggested for review on our website (http://www.iup.edu/foreignlanguages/ "Círculo de reseñadoras/es.”)

Every work submitted to the journal undergoes a rigorous evaluation process. The process commences with a recommendation from a member of our Editorial Board. The work is then evaluated by a member of the Advisory Board who has expertise in the area addressed by the submission. Finally, the editor reads the work to make the final recommendation. About 35% of the works received are published. The study may be written in Spanish or English. The editors of the Hispanic Journal invite submissions of unpublished studies only.

Notes for Contributors to the Hispanic Journal
Adobe .pdf/Microsoft Word .doc
The guidelines enumerated by these notes should be implemented, and any and all corrections should be made before the final version of your work is returned to us. In other words, the final version of your work should include everything that you intend it to without exceeding the 7,000 word limit, which includes the text of your submission, accompanying notes, your Works Cited page, and your secondary bibliography, if you have included one. Do NOT wait until the Galley Proofs of your article have been prepared and sent to you to make corrections since once the galleys have been formatted, only minor corrections can be implemented within them. If, when you return your Galley Proofs to us, we consider the corrections that you have made to be excessive, publication of your work will necessarily be delayed. It will then be your responsibility to determine when you would like to resubmit your article for consideration for publication in a future issue of the journal. The latest version of the MLA guide to documentation should be consulted to implement these guidelines because each new version of the MLA manual includes changes to previous material that must be considered.

·         Your work should be submitted electronically to the editor (owner-hispanic-journal@iup.edu). Please, submit your work in Microsoft Word.

·         Use a 5-space tab to begin a paragraph.

·         Use single spacing throughout the article including between paragraphs. (This is different from the MLA recommendations. Please do not use the recommended double spacing because the articles are published in single spacing.) However, leave an extra space before and after any indented quotations, sections, titles or subtitles, or divisions between sections.

·         Make sure that you DO NOT have extra spaces in between words or sentences.


·         DO NOT PLACE ANY MARGIN OR TAB SETTINGS. Use normal margins; do not format the text so that each of the lines appears to be the same length (i.e. do not justify the text, as is done in this document).

·         DO NOT USE UNDERLINE. Use italics instead.


·         DO NOT USE BOLD TYPE. Use italics if emphasis is needed.

·         For indented sections, use the Left-Right Tab (shift F4 in WP5.1)

·         If you use notes, USE ENDNOTES, and use them sparingly. The endnotes that we accept cannot exceed more than 40 lines of typed text total. Do not put extra spaces between the note number and the beginning of the note. In the text, superscript the number referring to your endnotes immediately after the period ending the pertinent sentence: ex.: … last word. 4

·         For WORKS CITED, use the hanging indent function (F4 shift tab in WP5.1)

·         The title for the endnotes sections should be “Notes” if the article is in English. If the article is in Spanish or Portuguese, the proper endnotes title is “Notas.” Do not use the ENDNOTES function in Microsoft Word for Windows, rather format them yourself. Put the endnote–placing command following the title NOTES/NOTAS at the end of the article and before the WORKS CITED.

·         Omit any extraneous codes (page numbering, suppress page number, headers and footers, justification, hyphenation, pitch, font, etc).

·         IMPORTANT: Include only the sources you cited in your article in the Works Cited . If you would like to list secondary sources (optionally), include a bibliography.

·         You MUST follow the MLA guidelines regarding quotations.

·         For indented sections, punctuation is at the end of the line, followed by the page citation in parenthesis: . . . end of text. (14)

·         Depending on the type of text you are citing, it has to go as follows : For non-indented quotes, the correct order is either punctuation, quotes, endnote number: . . . end of text. ” ¹ OR quotes, parenthesis, page citation, parenthesis, punctuation: . . . end of text”(14).

·         When using quotation marks, always place the punctuation marks (including periods, commas, colons, semicolons, etcetera) inside of the closing quotation mark: . . . end of text?”

·         Submit both hard-copy and electronic versions of any and all tables, charts, graphs, etc.

* It is in the best interest of the authors that Hispanic Journal be published as free of errors as possible and on time. Therefore, it will be the responsibility of the authors to follow the latest version of the MLA research style guide and the “Notes for Contributors” as requested in the acceptance letters received by the authors. Any final version of a submission (defined as the hard copy, accompanied by the CD, submitted after the letter of acceptance) that does not follow the MLA style and the “Notes for Contributors” in its totality will be returned to the author and will need to be resubmitted to be considered for a later issue. Hispanic Journal reserves the right to not publish an accepted article after resubmission. There are no exceptions to these rules. Hispanic Journal is a non-profit publication which does not have the personnel to correct the articles’ styles.

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